Successful Maple Ridge Restaurant, Kingfishers Reveals Their Business Secrets

If you have been to Maple Ridge, you can testify to the high-class restaurant services offered by local restaurants. Of all the restaurants, none tops Kingfishers Pub. Every little detail from the services to the structure itself is simply amazing. For those who are yet to visit, be prepared to be mind-blown.

In this article on Vishay Liteon, we will be reviewing why Kingfishers Pub in Maple Ridge successfully became one of the most pristine businesses in their area.


Kingfishers Pub is located in a serene environment, slightly out skirted from the busy, bustling city of Maple Ridge, BC. It outlooks the calm, clear Fraser River and is surrounded by smoothly flowing streams. Its lawns are neatly moored and have bamboo chairs and tables set around umbrella trees from which you can watch the sunset. There are vintage stone bridges that one can use to cross the stream. The flower beds are strategically laid out with exotic flowers which are appealing to the eye. Lilies floating on the river give you a chance to see the green and golden bell frogs basking in the sun. The restaurant’s location and setting gives it an advantage over all other restaurants in Maple Ridge.

Meals and Accommodation

The meals offered in Kingfishers are sumptuous. They not only offer the usual grilled foods but also exotic, traditional foods. The meals are at all times well prepared and uniquely presented. Food prices are reasonable and affordable, and the food is always served fresh from the kitchen. There is clean drinking water that comes in different temperatures depending on one’s preference, and a variety of beverages and soft drinks to choose from. Thanks to the good food and drinks, one can be assured of a comfortable and enjoyable stay at Kingfishers.

Accommodation can be a challenge especially when one is required spend a reasonable amount of time away from home. To cater for such needs, the pub offers high-quality accommodation services to its clients. It has online reservation services on its website,, from where one can book any suite months before his or her visit. This comes in handy for the ever busy people who hardly find time to book physically at the hotel. Given the fact that Maple Ridge is a business based city, many business teams make online bookings which ensures that all team members are placed in rooms that are close to each other. The suites are well furnished with a plasma TV in the living room and bedroom. They have white leather sofas with side tables on which one can place a mug. The interior design is done to perfection with each room having a unique aspect. Each suite is fitted with a pearl white tub and robes that are changed daily. Cleanliness and hygiene are core aspects observed in the restaurant.

Available Amenities

Those who use personal means of transport know how challenging it can be to find parking space in a busy restaurant. Kingfishers has made sure that parking problems will be the least of its clients’ worries, by providing sufficient parking space. The parking criteria is based on one’s duration in the restaurant. The cars are accessible to the owners at any time and are always under twenty-four-hour surveillance. Car wash services are provided as long as one is residing in the restaurant.

Conference rooms are an essential aspect of a restaurant when it comes to enterprising clients. To cater for this, Kingfishers has created efficient conference halls, which can hold a sizable number of people comfortably. Teams, organizations and Sacco’s can have e-conferences successfully using the hi-tech computers installed in the conference halls. This makes the clients feel at home thus giving Kingfishers pub an edge over their competition.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. All music played in the background is appropriate, and the volume is kept low allowing people to converse comfortably. In case there are some noise intensive exercises that are to be undertaken, the management makes sure that they are done far from other clients. This contains the noise, making the environment conducive for people to hold official meetings. Communication is key. If achieved, the client is satisfied. The incorporation of aquariums in rooms adds an elegant touch to space. All these things provide an accommodating atmosphere that is ideal for the clients.

Management and Staff

Both the management and staff have appropriate culinary knowledge. Each staff has professional skills in their line of work. Chefs are chosen for their expertise and innovations when it comes to making meals. At no point has any worker ever shown any destructive behavior, and each staff member works in harmony with the other. The management is passionate about food, participates in the making of menus and is customer oriented.

Topping it all up is the pocket-friendly prices. Kingfishers restaurant in Maple Ridge offers affordable services. The services vary according to quality and duration, and everyone in the restaurant strives to ensure that all the clients are satisfied. Therefore, remember, when in Maple Ridge BC, Kingfishers restaurant is the place to be. For more information, you can visit them below:

Kingfishers Waterfront Bar & Grill
23840 River Rd, Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1B7