Why you need Artificial Grass for your Garden

IMGDGJ273I.2_Ed1_Page01.jpgWhen we hear the phrase artificial grass, we instantly think of bright green plastic plants and unrealistic vegetation. However, in the modern day, artificial grass is considered a much better option for lawns in many countries, and has been developed with a much more realistic look and feel than you may realize.
This article will give you some benefits of artificial grass, and why most of the people, think it’s better than the real thing. The benefits offered by artificial grass may include but are not limited to:

1. Low maintenance

Unlike artificial grass, real grass is a nightmare when it comes to its maintenance. As our job lives demand for more time, it becomes more limited to us with the presence of lesser time to perform the tasks we love and enjoy. It’s no wonder that people are finding it hard to dedicate 2-3 hours a week maintaining a real grass lawn. Artificial grass needs little maintenance which can free up a lot of time. If you are elderly, then an artificial grass lawn is especially right for you as it involves a lot less work than the natural equivalent.

2. Artificial grass will look like the real grass

Top quality artificial grass is designed to look just like the real grass, such that you will have to get extra keen if you want to tell the difference between the natural and fake grass. You, however, need to emphasize on top quality grass to get the Real Looking.

3. Artificial grass also feels real.

Not each time that looking real feels real. This grass does not take that path because it feels real and has no things like bugs. When you go for artificial grass that has been made to meet top quality standards, you probably will end up preferring the feel of the artificial grass to that of the natural grass.

4. Environmental Issueartificial-grass-sports

With global warming growing to be more of an issue, there will be an increase in pressure on restricting water usage, resulting in hose pipe bans. These bans can destroy a natural lawn by stopping it from receiving the vital nutrients it needs to survive. Artificial grass will not be affected by this, and instead of creating a problem, it actively helps the environment by reducing water usage. By choosing artificial grass not only will you reduce water usage, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint by not needing petrol driven lawn mowers and fertilizers to feed your grass.

5. Durable

Although natural grass isn’t particularly fragile in structure, it doesn’t take much for a perfect lawn, to be utterly ruined by a chunk of grass being hurled across the garden by a pet. Artificial grass is much tougher and much more durable, allowing it to withstand more than the average natural lawn.

6. Evergreen

Unlike a natural lawn, an artificial grass lawn is more aesthetically pleasing all year round. Natural grass lawns can drown in wetter weather conditions which can cause yellowing, but an artificial lawn stays green and mud free all year round.

7. Cleaner and more hygienic

Artificial grass is a much more hygienic and cleaner version of natural grass which makes it perfect for pet owners. With many dogs doing their business in gardens these days, there is always a worry when children are playing in the backyard afterward. Artificial grass makes it much easier to dispose of their mess and makes a safer and cleaner place for everyone. Also, there is no degradation of artificial grass from pets, so there is no worry about it ruining your new lawn.

8. Lighter than normal grass

Artificial grass can be used for roof gardens in properties where the roof is not strong enough toartificial-grass-370x248 support the weight of natural grass due to being lightweight. This property makes it advantageous for those individuals who would like grass for their rooftop lawns.

9. No allergens contained

You may have encountered those persons that have allergic conditions from staying out in the yard for some periods. Those individuals may suffer extreme itching and other symptoms of allergies. Artificial grass eliminates that problem. Therefore your kids can now play as much as they want to on the lawn with hardly any complications arising.


The minimal disadvantages that you can encounter will be regarding the cash you will have to part with when initializing on your project, and that you might need cash for the little maintenance required.If you look at the disadvantages, though, they are mostly surpassed by the advantages giving you all the reasons to go for the option of artificial grass.

In conclusion, if these tips aren’t enough to sway you, then just consider that artificial grass can be cheaper in the long run. You will not have to pay out for expensive feeds, fertilizers, and petrol to run your lawn mower. With artificial grass being easier to maintain, cleaner, more durable and cheaper, why wouldn’t you want to swap?