Home Theater System Installation Tips

completed home theater system installation

More and more Phoenix residents want to enjoy a good movie from the comfort of their homes. As most TV sets have low-quality built-in speakers, they are never able to deliver the same sound quality as theater settings. This is what makes home theater systems a popular option among movie lovers who want to bring the magic of the cinema into their own living room. Such a system can make a huge difference, but only if it has been properly installed.

Home theater installation has to follow a set of guidelines regarding the placement of the speakers and of the sub-woofer. Usually, you can find such instructions in the user manual. It’s a good idea to measure your room before you buy your system, in order to see whether it can fit inside or not. Ideally, you should be able to place your couch in the middle of the room, so that you can experience surround sound as intended by the manufacturer of the system. The rear satellites have to be placed behind the couch, as illustrated in the book. You also need to respect the minimum distance between the couch and the front speakers. The sub-woofer is the only piece that can be placed anywhere, as bass sounds aren’t directional. Nonetheless, most people prefer to place this unit nearby the TV set or below it, in the case of wall mount setups.

The best Phoenix home theater system installation advice is to prepare your room even from before buying the furniture. If you opt for a wired system, you should make sure that all wiring is placed beneath the floor. A room full of wires is not the most agreeable view, so you should avoid this situation by planning your home theater from the very beginning. In addition, wires can be very dangerous for you and for the other people living in the house. The hospitals are full of victims of domestic accidents, so you should minimize the risk of tripping over and getting yourself injured.

You can enjoy the optimal sound only when all audio components are correctly positioned. If you don’t know how to do this positioning by yourself, you should seek professional help. There are companies that can position, mount and connect all your elements together so that you can have the best possible experience with your system.

home theater construction from the backIf you have to buy the wiring yourself, make sure you choose high-quality wires with gold connectors. The quality of the wiring has a direct influence on the sound quality, so you shouldn’t choose cheap wires, thinking that they don’t matter. In addition, you should never connect two or more pieces of wire together with the purpose of obtaining the needed length. The more connections there are, the weaker the signal. Measure your distances very well before purchasing your cables.

These are only a few tips for a proper home theater system installation for your Phoenix home. It is up to you to follow them or to hire specialized help. Either way, if you do everything right, you are going to enjoy your home cinema to the full.