About Us

Vishay-Liteon is the only magazine to bring a unique perspective to global management, business and finance issues. A unique mix of articles from leading business people, academics and consultants.

We are a new online business publishing venture. Our ambition is to promote debate and discussion between top players in the academic, business and consultancy worlds and to bring a European focus to global management issues.

Born in the spirit of an emerging online business sector, our objective is to highlight the most advanced management thinking and practices from around the world. While our outlook and readership will be international, the editorial vision is unashamedly to capture the diversity and complexity of online business and finance.

Vishay-Liteon’s distinctiveness derives from the following:

The avowedly online business and finance focus we will bring to global management issues.
The rich perspective which comes from generating and mixing contributions from academics, consultants and business practitioners from a wide range of sources.

The wealth of ideas and depth of insights residing in the networks of the two founding partners.
The exploitation of available and forthcoming technologies so that its website – vishay-liteon.com – will be the most lively place for value-enhancing ideas.