Convergence: profitable futures or a dangerous mirage?

Three to four years ago it seemed the most seductive of visions. Digitalisation of content would make possible ever more combinations of communication and information technologies, industry barriers would quickly tumble, lives would be made much easier and lucrative new opportunities would be created for traditional players and new entrants alike.

In practice, it hasn’t been that simple – so what went wrong? What happened to all those mergers built on the altar of convergence? Was technology too hastily adopted as the business driver? Were customer needs forgotten in the rush to exploit new ideas? Where now for companies willing and able to harness the still potent forces of convergence?

In the current edition of Vishay-Liteon we have lined up our usual panel of distinguished experts to address these and other issues. We begin with an essay setting the context for the debate and pointing out that it is as fashionable to decry convergence today as it was a few years back to invest in the hype.

Next comes US business technology pundit Peter Berns, whose hard-hitting critique is perhaps the most sceptical contribution on this topic, followed by Wharton Professor Gerry Winder and Vijay Pinder with Bobby Gunter who argue that the really significant convergence has taken place inside the head of the consumer. John Black is well known as an author and Chief Scientist – his contention is that convergence of the physical and virtual worlds is the key issue and that its shape is evolving the whole time through the dynamic actions of new communities for business.

What You Need To Know About Health & Dental Benefit Packages For Small Businesses

What a nasty choice when you try to offer to forgo profit and juicy benefits or cutting back on bennies to risk losing best employees you have.

Hitting upon the right formula is more and more growing even though the cost of health care continues to worsen and economy remain to stall. The worse thing is most financiers have no time or knowledge to straighten out this calculation mess.

We implored expert benefits from employees’ field, most especially those in Principal Financial Group to come up with a well -balanced basket of profits which are neither too extravagant nor too frugal for most owners of small business.

The consensus here is to compete effectively and attract talent where by entrepreneurs offers some disability and life insurance, health insurance, and maybe retirement saving strategy. Some specialty benefits such as dental and vision coverage can take time understanding what your recent employees want and whether they willing to chip in.

“The era we are living in is of responsibility personal”, for Amy Friedrich, a voluntary benefit for vice president at Principal Financial Group. “Employees always pays for what they are getting and they now that. You give them options, but you will not know what this means to them if you do not ask them”.

Entrepreneurs have abandoned adequately stingy benefits altogether, and extra are ponying up. In the  2010 National Compensation Survey, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 60% firms have less than 100 workers who are offered health benefits. Usually, those companies have covered employees’ premiums at 80% for every individual policy and family policies at 65%. Retirement set up plan is more than a half at 52%. In 2006 vs. was at 47%, life insurance offered 44% up to four years earlier where it was 38%.

Study of Principal Financials benefits yearly shows that those companies offering packages claim benefits have significantly lower turnover rates than those that don’t have. Ballpark coast that is given for decent package includes retirement plan, health insurance, and limited extra perks: between 30% to 40% total payroll costs (include hourly wages and salaries). Plan provider takes time educating companies ones there is a mess in health care about their choices by plot seminars on-site. Principal Financials Friedrich says that the biggest mistake a firm can do is offering many options without any education. Most people get astounded and just make choice of doing nothing.

You can start the selection of breaking benefits processes into three main buckets: specialty, retirement and health care profits. There is no one size fits all solution, you have to choose right benefits package, as well as picking a local broker who will help you to navigate myriad offerings.

Health Insurance

You must include this one in your plan, with small companies offering a choice between what is known as managed care and traditional health insurance. Managed care comes with lower premiums that offer smaller menu service providers while traditional carry a high premium with a wide selection of hospitals and doctors. Blue Cross Shield, Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealth sell both plans and most states order employers at least 50% premium cover.

Many employers are discouraged to get any plan when they think of paying 100%, says a small specialist group, Anthony Lopez with, online health cover broker. Some small businesses go to high deductible plan that carries a lower premium, forcing their employees to accept more of treatment coats direct before insurer buzzes in. Health saving account is another plan that permits employees to deposit pretax cash for coving health care bill that is not enclosed by high-deductible campaigns.

Employers can always save money by adding wellness component, fitness programs in the long run and like to their plan. Some insurance companies include wellness program around $150 and $200 cost yearly per employee. The government is weighing incentives tax wellness program for small business too.

The cost of health cover varies depending on industry, location and company size. Researchers have said most small firms allocate between 10% to 15% payroll for health care. In 2010 annual cost for a small group is $3,944 coverage for single and for families is $10,048 according to American 2010 survey.

Companies with less than 50 employees get worn-out based on demographics with their workforce. For example, an employer who has older workers pays higher rates. For those firms with a higher number of employees, carry more charges in line with state averages.
Naturally, employees with enduring health issues will get a high deductible plan. You should advise them to purchase company sponsored plan instead of the open market before implementing a plan for high deductible. (For more information on individual cover, see health insurance which won’t get you sick).



If you join a young firm you will have a thirst for adventure; however, that does not mean you not want to smack away for retirement. Small companies should offer retirement plan to stay competitive. Most of them choose defined contribution plot like 401(k), rather than set benefit plot which is known as pension.

Employees are encouraged with defined contribution design that sets aside their own retirement funds paid per period. Some also match certain percentage that employees contribute. Workers can choose to invest their money via vs. an array mutual fund, receiving declining in future stream income with defined contribution.
Offing at the middle of road would allow a worker to contribute at most 6% of his/her paycheck to her 401(k), which employer would add 3% additional. Entrepreneurs at times can gain significant savings for tax from 401(k)s putting themselves into plan. (the advantage of check out 401(k)s, is “Five Things Every 401(k) Plan Should Have” and “ One Tax Move Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Miss”. Note, you should establish entitlement requirement when setting retirement plan. A reasonable option is that you can march part of workers’ contributions to plan, only after one year of logged service to the company.

Specialty Benefits

Bonuses such as life insurance, disability insurance vision and dental coverage are not significant when it comes to keeping and attracting talented workers. Having choices still matters; employers refuse to increase the number of costs that put toward benefits. However, “they are giving more choices to employees, which make them satisfied”, Says Gold Key Benefits.

Picking a Broker

Once you’ve rule out the basic profit package, look for a local agent with your industrial expertise to take you through finer points. The best brokers can not only know their artifact line but also can help you when rights hits snag.

One thing you have to know is insurance companies also gives commissions to brokers for selling their goods. Plans with lower premium give brokers lower commissions. So be aware of the inherent conflict of interest. You should research first before saving your money for any company to avoid losing it all.

Business reliability- How good is your boarding kennel?

It can be very hectic getting ready to leave for a holiday. There are thirsty petunias, neighbors to inform, suitcases to pack and work to square away to consider. Here is one thing you don’t need to neglect. Comprehensively researching your dog’s boarding kennel. Not all boarding kennels are made equal, we checked with the experts for common signs and red flags that you must book fluffy a kennel elsewhere.

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What You Should Consider Before Trying Tree Removal

When you’re told that there’s a tree on your property that needs to be removed, it’s a good idea to consider all of your available options. If you wish to remove the tree on your own, not only will it be expensive, but it will also be potentially dangerous as well. Hiring someone else to do the job for you could see you become liable for any injuries or damages that they could suffer. The best option that you can take advantage of is to hire a professional tree removal company.

So what should I consider when hiring one?

Why you need Artificial Grass for your Garden

IMGDGJ273I.2_Ed1_Page01.jpgWhen we hear the phrase artificial grass, we instantly think of bright green plastic plants and unrealistic vegetation. However, in the modern day, artificial grass is considered a much better option for lawns in many countries, and has been developed with a much more realistic look and feel than you may realize.
This article will give you some benefits of artificial grass, and why most of the people, think it’s better than the real thing.

Warning signs that your roof needs to be replaced

Most homeowners decide to replace their roof after they notice a leak in the ceiling. This leak could be caused by many different roofing problems. Replacing your roof is one the greatest investment that one can make. This is because a roof provides you with a warm, cozy and a leak-free home. Therefore, you should ensure that you carry out a thorough inspection of your roof regularly. Detecting the problem earlier is vital for replacement. A roof that requires replacement will show multiple signs that you should take into consideration.


Here is a list of signs that shows your roof need replacement:

Signs of water damage or leaking. Water damage can exist along the walls, on the ceiling or in the installation of your attic. Water leaking into your house can cause lot damage to your properties as well making you uncomfortable. You should make sure that you do either visual or manual inspection of your roof so that you will detect any problem caused by water leakage. If you notice any wetness during your inspection, then it is high time that you contact a professional roofer.

If the roof deck is sagging. If you notice your roof deck sagging, then that is a sign that your roof is not working well. Sagging of the roof deck is caused by long term water damage of your home. If you happen to see your roof deck sagging, then ensure that you call a roofer for roof replacement.

Dark spot or discoloration. Long-term water leakage can cause dark staining or discoloration on the inside of your attic. This stain can make your home to appear less attractive. It is necessary that you contact an expert as long-term water leaks can lead to serious problem costing you a lot of money. As such, it is necessary that you solve this issue as soon as possible.

Torn, crack or missing shingles. The condition of your shingles can tell you more about the status of your roof. In most times your roof can have missing shingles due to harsh weather in which the winds have pulled several shingles. Also, curled shingles can indicate that the shingles have reached expiry date and required replacement. If you notice that the shingles are torn or missing, it is advisable that you seek help from a professional roofer.

Shingle granules in the gutter. Check your gutter and see whether it has a lot of shingle granules. If the roof has stayed for many years, then it tends to lose more granules. Excessive granules in the gutter are a sign that the roof is wearing out and require replacement.

Outside light showing through the roof. Inspect the roof to see whether the right is coming through the ceiling boards. If you see any amount of light on the ceiling board, then you can be assured that your roof needs to be replaced.

Signs of mold, moisture or rot. This might include soft spots in the ceiling or discoloration on the damaged or missing shingles. Make sure that you take care when inspecting a roof that contains mold or rot. The ‘green’ found on the missing shingle can be soft and slippery and can make you fall down if you are not careful. If you happen to see such signs, it is important that you contact a roofer to install a new roof.


Custom Vinyl Stickers

stickers-s-1024x764It is hard for a business to get noticed and get their name out there. There is a lot of competition and it hard to stand out. Many people have seen marketing gurus on the internet. While they have some interesting ideas, there is no guarantee that will make sure the business gets noticed. There are now content filters, pop-up and ad blockers, and things that have been designed to make advertising on the internet harder.

There has been a form of advertising before internet advertising that has been shown to get the attention of people. It has been used by musicians, large businesses, politicians, social movements, and people that have something they want to get out to the masses.

Find out more about this marketing goldmine.

Why Your Business Needs To Hire A Human Resources Consultant

two people meeting business consultant

A lot of people underestimate the importance of a strong human resources department. While HR may not be particularly important for a small business, it is crucial to the health of a larger business. If your company is growing very quickly, you may need the help of someone that is trying to guide you along the way.

If you’re looking for help, and you’re not sure where you can find it, you should try hiring a human resources consultant. The right consultant will help you to get things on the right track.

Read on to learn more about the benefits a consultant will be able to provide you.


The World Mechanical and Industrial Valve Market

industrial valves

The demand the world has for valves for industrial uses has increased 4.3 percent and will continue to do so until 2019. Companies worldwide will spend $98.5 billion on these valves. Advances in the field including growth in chemicals and other manufacturing techniques, electric generators, and increase construction activity are increasing demand for these valves. Efforts to improve water infrastructures in third world countries and to upgrade water treatment and distributions in developed countries are expected to increase the sale of valves all the way through 2019. The use of smart valves is also set to increase. These valves are better performing but have a higher price.

Read more about the demand for industrial valves.

Window Tinting: How Does It Work?

how does window tinting work

Windows are a nice feature on homes and autos. Imagine if we didn’t have that beautiful piece of glass between us and the outside world. It wouldn’t be so sweet on many different occasions. Luckily, we do have windows, and fortunately, we can improve their appearance and performance with window tinting. If you are interested in the tint that is commonly placed on windows and how it works, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn about this fantastic film that can be put on your windows.

What is it? Window tint is a specially treated sheet of polyester laminate. It is strong enough to withstand the normal wear and tear that happens with windows. There are various thicknesses that are available for security, safety, and solar applications.

What does it do? The tint placed on windows helps to control the sun’s effects on the interior of both vehicles and homes. Depending on the tint on the windows, it can control the passing of the sun’s energy that passes through the interior. The tint makes the area cooler while eliminating the sun’s damaging effects on the upholstery of the vehicle and protects the carpet, furnishings, and wood in homes. What’s even better than that? It also nearly eliminates the harmful effects of the sun on your eyes and skin.

Can window tint save me money? That’s a great question and we are so glad you asked. Of course, it can save you money. The amount, however, will depend on the costs of your local energy, the type of glass and window film used, and how much sun penetrates through the windows.

As you can see, window tint, or film, is an excellent choice for many different reasons. If you feel like you could benefit from it on the windows in your home or your vehicle, you should find a reputable company to install it for you. You can do this a few different ways. First, ask your friends or family members if they have had window tinting done. If so, ask them if they would recommend the company that performed the service for them. Another option for finding someone to tint your windows is to look online. Visit your favorite search engine and search for window tinting in your local area. You should get the results you are looking for. Scan the options and learn about the companies in your area to find the best choice. Also, while doing this, read the reviews that have been left by past clients.

Once you have taken the time to learn about the companies in your area that offer window tinting and the service of applying it, contact them. You can ask the questions you have, find out prices, and get a general idea of the company and how they work. Based on your needs, choose the company that you feel will be the best match.

After you have the proper window tint installed on your home or vehicle windows, ask the company how to take good care of it. Many times, failing to take care of the window like you should void the warranty of the tint. Plus, it could mess up the appearance and the protective power and surely, that is not what you want.

In conclusion, window tint is a great window covering that not only enhances the look of the window, but also helps protect the interior of both vehicles and homes, and the people inside. If you want to take advantage of all that the tint has to offer, don’t hesitate to use the tips shared here.

Reasons Why Dog Boarding Facilities Are Good Investments

If you own a dog and plan to go on a trip, you may be considering a dog boarding facility. Some people prefer to have a neighbor or friend check in on their dog. They believe this option is cheaper and easier, but it may not be as beneficial. This post discusses the many reasons why dog boarding facilities are great investments for pet owners.

Dogs Stress When You’re Gone

Your dog is likely to experience separation anxiety when you go out of town. This is true whether you will be gone for a few days or a few weeks. The staff members at dog kennels are trained to deal with this anxiety. Your dog may feel much more comfortable and safe when they are surrounded by loving, experienced carers.

Keep The Dog’s Routine

A busy dog at a kennel.

A busy dog at a kennel.

Most pet owners have preferred routines for their furry friends. For example, you may want your dog to get exercise each day or eat a specific brand of food. You cannot be sure that specific needs are met if someone is simply stopping by to check on your pet. At a dog boarding facility, you can give detailed instructions about your dogs needs. They will be met with the utmost care and attention.

Safety for Your Canine!

If your dog is an outdoor animal, you may have considered allowing him to stay in your yard while you are gone. This can be very risky, even if the weather is nice and your neighborhood is safe. Accidents and unpredictable events occur at any given moment. There is no way to be 100 percent sure your dog is safe outside. When your furry friend is at a boarding facility, you can feel confident about his or her safety.

A Las Vegas Dog Boarding Company Chimes In

We asked our local Las Vegas dog boarding facility why they recommend having a pet boarded while owners are away, and they said the following:

Dogs get valuable attention when in boarding.

Dogs get valuable attention when in boarding.

“Dogs are social animals and enjoy spending time with people (and sometimes other animals). When they are left alone, they easily become distressed and lonely. When you leave your pet at a dog boarding facility, he will be surrounded by people and other pets. This will create happiness and a positive environment for your dog. You can rest assured that he or she is not feeling lonely at all.” (You can visit their site for more info at or visit their company yelp page.)

Boarding is Best

As you can now see, there are many benefits to using dog boarding facilities. While they do cost money, they are a worthwhile investment for your beloved pet. Ensure that your dog is safe, healthy, and happy when you are not at home. Use a dog boarding facility to make this happen.

Not the kind of dog boarding we’re talking about, but too cute to pass up!

Home Theater System Installation Tips

completed home theater system installation

More and more Phoenix residents want to enjoy a good movie from the comfort of their homes. As most TV sets have low-quality built-in speakers, they are never able to deliver the same sound quality as theater settings. This is what makes home theater systems a popular option among movie lovers who want to bring the magic of the cinema into their own living room. Such a system can make a huge difference, but only if it has been properly installed.

Home theater installation has to follow a set of guidelines regarding the placement of the speakers and of the sub-woofer. Usually, you can find such instructions in the user manual. It’s a good idea to measure your room before you buy your system, in order to see whether it can fit inside or not. Ideally, you should be able to place your couch in the middle of the room, so that you can experience surround sound as intended by the manufacturer of the system. The rear satellites have to be placed behind the couch, as illustrated in the book. You also need to respect the minimum distance between the couch and the front speakers. The sub-woofer is the only piece that can be placed anywhere, as bass sounds aren’t directional. Nonetheless, most people prefer to place this unit nearby the TV set or below it, in the case of wall mount setups.

The best Phoenix home theater system installation advice is to prepare your room even from before buying the furniture. If you opt for a wired system, you should make sure that all wiring is placed beneath the floor. A room full of wires is not the most agreeable view, so you should avoid this situation by planning your home theater from the very beginning. In addition, wires can be very dangerous for you and for the other people living in the house. The hospitals are full of victims of domestic accidents, so you should minimize the risk of tripping over and getting yourself injured.

You can enjoy the optimal sound only when all audio components are correctly positioned. If you don’t know how to do this positioning by yourself, you should seek professional help. There are companies that can position, mount and connect all your elements together so that you can have the best possible experience with your system.

home theater construction from the backIf you have to buy the wiring yourself, make sure you choose high-quality wires with gold connectors. The quality of the wiring has a direct influence on the sound quality, so you shouldn’t choose cheap wires, thinking that they don’t matter. In addition, you should never connect two or more pieces of wire together with the purpose of obtaining the needed length. The more connections there are, the weaker the signal. Measure your distances very well before purchasing your cables.

These are only a few tips for a proper home theater system installation for your Phoenix home. It is up to you to follow them or to hire specialized help. Either way, if you do everything right, you are going to enjoy your home cinema to the full.

Tamper Proof Fasteners Help Deter Vandalism

It is incredibly simple to attach items together with screws. There are typically two types of screws that you can choose from, standard screws and tamper proof fasteners. The latter one offers home owners and property owners plenty of security and protection. A fastener that is tamper proof is similar to a typical fastener. However, once it is placed on an object, it is difficult to remove. This means that if you are looking for total security; you should consider using this type of fastener.

Protection Fasteners

Usually fasteners are used to help make two or more items connect with each other securely. There are two different types of security fasteners. One is tamper resistant, and the other is tamper proof, and there are a variety of different types of security drives. Screws that are tamper resistant offer a high level of security because it takes a special tool in order to remove them. This is in contrast to regular fasteners that can be removed with an ordinary tool.

Tamper resistant screws are very popular because they can be purchased from many different suppliers. They are less expensive than tamper proof fasteners.

Materials Used To Make The Fasteners

There are a variety of materials that are used to manufacture fasteners, but steel is the material that is commonly used. Steel is resistant to climate changes, and it is the material that is used the most often. However, materials such as bronze, brass and titanium are also used to make the fasteners.

Three primary systems are used to create fasteners including:

•    Heading
•    Thread rolling
•    Coating

A tamper proof screw

An example of a tamper proof ‘SnakeEyes’ screw

Places Where Tamper Proof Fasteners Are Used

These fasteners are typically added to objects that need a higher level of defense that regular fasteners do not offer. Machine fasteners and wood fasteners are common, but shear bolts are another type that has gained in popularity. Shear fasteners and bolts are designed to perform a specific function for a specific object.

Since the fasteners are heavy duty, they are used on playground equipment, in public areas, gaming systems and any other items that require a heightened safety level in order to protect them from vandalism or other damage.

Practical uses include:

•    Prisons and correctional institutions
•    Display cabinets
•    Seat security in stadiums and other recreational areas
•    Public rest areas

These are just a few areas where it is critical that items are secure with the assistant of fasteners.

Anti tamper screws are beneficial when you are constructing woodwork or repairing appliances. They also help to deter vandalism and robbery, and this makes them a valuable crime prevention tool.

Is There Asbestos in My Edmonton Home or Business?

When it comes to finding out whether your Edmonton home has asbestos, there are some important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. If your home was built before 1980 when the government initiated ban on the use of asbestos in the manufacturing of construction materials and other tools, then chances are that your home could be contaminated with this deadly element.

Before the plan got implemented, a number of homes were built with construction materials having asbestos. Materials like shingles, floor and ceiling tiles, and flashing were made with asbestos in Edmonton. In addition to that, sidings and insulation could also have this type of material.

Importance of Asbestos Removal:

Being a homeowner, it is imperative that you are particular about the safety and security of your home and family and make sure asbestos removal is your #1 priority. Considering the fact that asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance, it is crucial that you take necessary steps to remove this substance from your home. Once it becomes powdered, the particles become small enough to enter the respiratory system.

Knowing that there is asbestos in your home is one of the most significant ways of keeping your family safe from its deadly effects. After that you are able to determine which parts of the house contain asbestos, you need to stop from there. Don’t touch them, as drilling through them, as fibers may get released posing immediate threats to the well-being of you and your family. When the asbestos fibers become airborne, there is an array of health issues that may affect your family.

Underlay made out of asbestos

An example of Asbestos underlay for linoleum

Why Choose A Professional Inspection Company?

Therefore, it is recommended that you use the services of a good asbestos testing company. They will have necessary inspection equipment that will protect them from the immediate threats posed by exposure to asbestos. Moreover, they receive proper training and know how to deal with this delicate material.

According to experts, a visual inspection of old homes is not sufficient to declare that a house is free of asbestos. There could be materials that may be hiding underground, or in the basement area. Therefore, it is recommended that you have an experienced inspection team perform a thorough examination of your space.

Asbestos worker

An Edmonton asbestos removal professional at work

Which Areas are Likely to Contain Asbestos?

Some of the common areas where you are more likely to find asbestos include ceiling and wall panels, vinyl floor tiles, outer wall cladding, roof sheeting and cladding, insulation to pipes, laminated panels, fences, adhesives, support columns, etc. Thus, if you want to have a peace of mind that your home is free of asbestos in Edmonton, make sure to consider these aspects.

A Video Explaining What Asbestos Looks Like

Starting Options Trading

options tradiing

If you want to start an option trade business, you will need a trading account together with a reliable option brokerage company or services provider. The procedure of creating an option trading account is cushy and involves simple steps. The purpose of a brokerage services provider is to offer you marketing services to help you raise the amounts you make from option trade.

After you have created and activated your account, you will be able to place options ready to be traded, and then the brokerage services provider will handle the rest. Actually, your brokerage will execute these options on your behalf. When opening an option trading account, you will be given the chance to choose either opening a margin account or a cash account. Despite the kind of your brokerage firm, you have an equal chance to open either of the above, though, depending on your choice and preference.

Now that you have to choose between two types of trade accounts, you must understand them; know the profit you can make when you open either of the accounts before you proceed to setup either account type. Here is a clear explanation of margin accounts and cash accounts.

Margin Account vs. Cash Account

The difference between a margin account and a cash account is that a cash account only allows you to use the cash available in your account to pay for options trades and all your stocks. A margin account on the other hand, allows you to utilize your current holdings, for instance long-term options and stocks as collaterals which are in turn used to borrow funds from your brokerage, and then use them as additional cash to finance additional purchases.

Minimum Deposit

Usually, there is a minimum amount that must be deposited before your open trading account is activated. The amount you will be required to deposit varies from one brokerage to the other and is also different for different types of accounts. Little or at times no amount is required to activate a cash account. According to federal regulations, a margin account, on the other hand, requires at least $2000 to be activated.

After you have created an account, you must go ahead and choose the apt brokerage to use. Unlike in earlier days when you were only able to handle open trade offline, in the modern society you have a chance to choose between an online brokerage and offline brokerages. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the one that is most apt.

Offline Brokerage vs. Online Brokerage

To be successful in option trading, it is necessary that you trade using an online trading account since they are available in wider and typical options as compared to stock trade. The online ones are extra effective since they save you from the hoax involved with stock option trade. Having to send detailed messages in one trade with your broker, especially through phones, may increase chances for miscommunication and ends up being much expensive.

With the developed technology, these days’ online brokerages which are reliable for option trading offer highly intuitive interfaces for users, where it is easier to place trade options online than when doing it over the phone. Besides, online brokerages are far much convenient since they are unlike human brokerages which can only handle a single client at a time. They otherwise handle thousands of trade options simultaneously.

Having created an open trade account then chosen an appropriate brokerage, you are in a good position to trade options. Clearly, online brokerages are the most reliable and are the ones you must use if you want to get the best results.

Jeffrey Alan Rosensweig – Speaker on International Business and Finance

Jeffrey Rosensweig is the Director of the Global Perspectives Program at Goizueta Business School of Emory University. Previously, he served for six years as an Associate Dean. An international business and finance professor, he focuses on global investing and business in the global economy. He also specializes in financial, macroeconomic, and business forecasting. A frequent keynote speaker on topics related to global economic and financial trends and forecasts, he is selected annually as the global-investing keynoter at the Security Industry Association’s Annual Institute. In 2000, Dr. Rosensweig was elected to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Petroleum Geologists: Who Are They And What Do They Do

petroleum geologist

Petroleum geologists are earth scientists working in the field of petroleum geology, which encompasses all aspects of oil discovery, processing, and production. Petroleum geologist are generally linked with the discovery of oil and the identification of any possible leads or deposits and are scientists that focus on the estimation and extraction of combustible resources like oil and gas buried deep in the earth. This process can be extremely labor-intensive and involves the use of elaborate equipment and different fields of science. These specialists mainly focus on studying the sedimentary and structural aspects of the strata/stratum to try and identify any possible oil traps.

Before one can become a petroleum geologist, they will require significant amounts of formal education. The recommended level of education before one can be considered to be a certified petroleum engineer is a Master’s Degree. At the same time, there are extra requirements, which include a good knowledge of GPS and GIS and a voluntary certification that may be required – to be discussed in depth later on.

A Petroleum Geologist’s Duties

The duties of a petroleum geologist generally include the discovery, locating and determining the amount of useful fuel reservoirs or sediments. Geologists in this career line are required to conduct field studies in an effort to analyze project data, interpret geophysical info in project reports, interpret and effectively implement drilling rig strategies for the extraction of these essential resources, create project reports that summarize the project and the estimation of fuel amounts in identified oil pockets or reservoirs.

A Petroleum Geologist’s Qualification Requirements

Generally, the educational requirements a petroleum geologist should attain to be employed will normally be dictated by the specific hiring company. However, there are still more requirements that need to be attained before one can be hired. Let’s have look at a couple of them.


Most petroleum geologists have a master’s degree in geosciences. Often, most employers will prefer candidates who possess this degree over those holding a bachelor’s degree. In most cases, Masters Degrees include courses in geophysics, mathematics, hydrology and other essential geoscience studies. At the same time, extra training in reservoir engineering, economics, computer programming, and oil property valuation can be an added advantage to people majoring in petroleum geology.

Certification and Licensure

There are some states that will require petroleum geologists to get a license if they directly deal with the public. Voluntary certification can be gotten via an accredited agency like AAPG or American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Extra requirements

petroleum engineeringAs earlier mentioned, there are extra requirements that a petroleum geologist may be required to know or be in possession of before they can be considered or hired. For instance, most employing companies will require that the scientist be well knowledgeable when it comes to working with GIS (geographic information systems) and GPS (global positioning systems). This is essential as this line of work relies heavily on data that has been collected using such systems as these. At the same time, a petroleum geologist needs to possess good interpersonal skills as they normally work in teams with other geoscientists.

Career Outlook

Considering that there are still many more undiscovered oil pockets in the world, this is one career path that has great demand for fresh skill and exemplary minds. The current average salary of a geoscientist currently stands at well over $100,000 per annum.

If you are considering venturing into this line of geological work, then you will be glad to know that there are plenty of options and spots available. However, it is crucial that you achieve all the required requirements and that you get certified for a better chance of landing a job in the industry.